New Plugin for Cinema 4D Creates CubeMaps from HDR’s

The C4DZone posts a new plugin for Cinema 4D, HDRToCubemap. The plugin will create CubeMaps from a standard panoramic HDR file.

Being that HDR files are easier to create or find online, the plugin was built to create video-game style cubeMaps using those HDR resources as a starting point.

The HDRToCubemap plugin can transform any HDR panoramic file into a CubeMap by using the preset scene, setting the parameters in the plugin, and clicking a button.

You can easily change the POV of the cubeMap and modify things like the horizon line according to the physical distortion.

HDRToCubemap is Cinema 4D R13/14/15/16 that allows to create a VideoGame Cubemap starting from a panoramic image file. The plugin runs under OS X and Windows, and works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14/15/16 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio).

Check out the HDRToCubemap plugin for Cinema 4d here, to learn more and pricing info.