Real Glow Offers Optically Correct Glow Effects in Ae

A glow effect is a glow effect, no? Actually, a simple glow effect can be one of those things that you don’t know you are missing out on, until you see a real one.

a glow aura generator which works on rules of optically correct light falloff

Real Glow is a new plugin for After Effects that creates realistic glows. Glow effects that are based on industry proven methods and algorithms. Comparing After Effects glow effect agains Real Glow’s shows an enormous difference between the two.


Real Glow works based on real world optical properties, instead of the simple linear blur used in After Effects’ standard glow effect.

Real Glow offers realistic light falloff, multiple tint modes, and operates in 6/32bit color space, allowing high color precision, and overbright values.




Pricing and Availability

Real Glow is available from at a special intro 30% OFF until March 13, 2015. Check out Real Glow for After Effects for more information.