Sneak-Peek at RealFlow 2015

Over the last little while, Next Limit Technologies have been offering up small little windows into what is in store for RealFlow 2015. One of the key new features is a robust method for calculation the geometry distance field in RealFlow. This will be a great addition for malformed geometry that is not water-tight, or manifold.

Also up for RealFlow 2015 is a new Crown Daemon which will allow you to shape the crowning liquid drop effect easily.

You will also be able to select, filter, modify and visualize your operations, using spreadsheets in RealFlow. Here is a look at using the SpreadSheet feature which is available for most all RF nodes.


Another post had a look at RealFlow 2015 demonstrating the new feature for Splines Curves. This includes Spline tools, import curves, enhanced dSpline daemon and emitters.