How to Get Bubbles Inside a Viscous Liquid With C4D and RealFlow

Jakob Appleby Shows Off His Method Getting Bubbles in a Viscous Liquid Within C4D.

Jakob Appleby is a simulation specialist who covers his technique for creating tiny bubbles trapped within a viscous liquid. Using Cinema 4D and RealFlow Within C4D, Jakob uses cloners and a matrix object for this complex effect. “Getting bubbles inside a liquid is not quite straightforward with RealFlow|C4D” Jakob mentions. “You want to start out getting the fluid just right if you are making something like honey; there are a lot of different combinations of settings you can use, considering it has various looks and movement depending on temperature and other factors.”

Jakob documents the process with this written tutorial, covering some of the settings used along with some tips. If you need to animate something like honey, then look no further than Jakob’s viscous liquid bubbles.