Over the last couple of releases Maya has had some deep changes to the modeling toolset, thanks to the integration of the NEX tools as the modeling toolkit in Maya.

some of the newer options in the transform tools as well as some little known hotkeys

Since then, more and better integration has taken place. Options and functions that were scattered across a few different places in the modeling toolkit have seeped into more easily accessible places.

One example are the options that are available for the core transform tools in Maya. Some of the modeling toolkit’s options have been swept over to the standard tool options, and can also be accessed by hotkeys and marking menus.

Here, Daryl walks through some of the things that are possible using the newer transform options and also covers some little known hotkeys that will help your workflow in Maya 2015.


  1. Timur

    Tips from Daryl are always helpful, thanks!
    But the thing, that I don’t understand – why Daryl wearing so warn clothes in videos. Is it really so cold in a room?

  2. ad

    I’m using Maya 2015 Sp5. I cant see those options, can anyone tell me where to find them?

    In the help file it says “Note: In Maya 2015 and earlier versions, Component mode was called Normals average mode. ” which makes no sense .

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