C4D Plugin SplinePatch Updates With New SplineCage Object

Heyne SplinePatch is a plugin for Cinema 4D that can generate a surface from three or four guide splines. the plugin is designed as an object generator in C4D and works parametrically for some great flexibility.

modeling with the SplineCage object of the Cinema 4D plug-in SplinePatch 3.0

Recently the SplinePatch plugin has updated to version 3.0, adding a new SplineCage Object, making it much easier to create spline patches.

SplinePatch essentially allows you to create a Gordon Surface with a very similar workflow to AnimationMaster (Blast from the past there).

Now with the new SplineCage feature in SplinePatch 3, you can set the splines defining the object as a spline cage. The SplineCage object works like a generator. It creates stable connections at the intersections of all splines of the cage.

These connection points can then be moved around easily. They are even retained when you are editing the single splines in the cage.

The new SplineCage object creates and manages all connections between the splines of a cage and generates all desired surfaces with just one mouse click.

SplinePatch 3 features:

  • SplineCage
  • Tri-Patch from quadrangles
  • MultiPatch symmetry
  • New parameter for edge profile
  • Integrated help system

Visit Heyne for more information on the SplinePatch 3 plugin for Cinema 4D here.