BlackMagic Design Fusion Making Its Way To OS X

Fusion OS X

BlackMagic Design quietly tweeted “We’ve posted a quick video showing what we have been working on for Fusion. Go to and visit us at NAB to learn more.” In fact, I almost missed it entirely.

it is a huge deal to have Fusion multi-platform.

The video showed Fusion running under OS X. The node-based compositor has long been a single platform tool, for windows systems only. Bringing Fusion to OS X in itself, isn’t a huge deal for the platform – but it is a huge deal to have Fusion multi-platform.

This is pretty clear since single platform applications appear to be slowly dying off in recent times.

Fusion on OS X means there is another alternative for those who can’t afford The Foundry’s Nuke, at any level – People who want something that is better equipped for modern day compositing tasks than After Effects is.




Shortly after buying Fusion some five months ago, BMD offered a free version Fusion. The Free version has most all the features that the paid version has, other than limiting rendering to single machine (no network rendering), a size limit of UHD, and some higher end tools such as stereoscopic effects and workflows.

Even still the Full version of Fusion is still a great value at $995. Any flavor of Fusion is a fast and capable node based compositor with a 2D and true 3D environment.