Nyx Voltron Inches Closer to Release, Live 3DS Max After Effects Workflow

Development of the Nyx Framework has been ongoing, even though there has been little news. That is until now.

A new recent posts suggests that Nyx Voltron is very close to a release. The team is nearly finished with the closed beta run.

Team members Artur Leao, Daniel Santana and Jonathan de Blok have been working on the Nyx framework that will be a distributed rendering plugin, while the other is a direct and live link between 3DS Max and After Effects.

It is the later, Nyx Voltron that is shown here. Nyx Voltron offers a live link between Ae and 3Ds. Incredibly, changing or editing something in one will update the other.

Nix looks to be similar to the link between C4D Lite and Ae’s CineWare tools, taken to the next level. You can learn more about Nyx Voltron at ycdivfx.com, early news will be sent through the newsletter, so be sure to sign up.