SkyBox Environment Maps in After Effects

France based motion designer, David Oldani walks through a couple of methods for creating environment maps right in After Effects, using Mettle SkyBox.

how to convert existing project files for use with Mettle SkyBox.

The soon to be released After Effects plugin that will let you generate seamless still images, or even animations that can be used as reflection maps.

SkyBox can generate spherical or cubic based material that you can use to better integrate your 3D elements into your scenes.

The plugin / script combination works with all 3D plugins in After Effects, as well as any 3D software that allows for environment mapping. Skybox can also be used for full dome projects, youtube + Vimeo 360 format and VR applications like Occulus Rift.

SkyBox is close to a release soon, so be sure to check out Mettle SkyBox for more information.