Make 360 Footage Stabilization Easier With SkyBox Composer

Mettle recently launched a new version for their Skybox Studio Suite of VR and 360 video tools. SkyBox 2 includes a new SkyBox Composer module that can turn the distorted 360 footage into a live edit comp in After Effects. That is to say that with composer, you can view the shot as you would “in the round”.

This makes is so much easier to work with, especially in After Effects. What used to be a hassle is now just simplicity. Tracking, visual effects work, removals, and additions to the shot are stepped up thanks to skybox composer.

Watch Charles Yeager as he shows how you can easily stabilize 360 footage in After Effects. Serendipitously, when you use the AE 3D Camera tracker, you also get orientation info on all three axes. Composer can make use of this information to stabilize the footage. Once you have stabilized the shot, you can easily straighten the horizon.

Why not download a free demo and try it out: