Mettle Releases SkyBox for After Effects

Mettle has released its SkyBox plugin for After Effects, which allows you to easily create reflection maps too better integrate your 3D scenes in Ae.

After Effects plugin to generate reflection and environment maps as well as output 360º YouTube movies

SkyBox integrates with After Effects 3D plugins and native 3D layers. This includes  plugins like Trapcode Horizon, Element 3D, Zaxwerks, or any 3D plug-in that accepts Reflection Maps or Environment Maps, as well as Mettle’s own FreeForm and ShapeShifter plugins.

Because SkyBox works based off of a simple composition in After Effects, it is possible to create reflection maps that actually animate in your 3D scene.

SkyBox images/animations can be used in 3D applications like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Houdini, Lightwave, Blender, Modo.


SkyBox can also be used to generate dome projections or VR head-mounted display file formats like Occulus Rift. Great for webGL and gaming environments like the Unreal Engine and Unity3D and the Youtube 360 format.

SkyBox can be found on Mettle’s site, or through AeScripts + AePlugins for $64.50 – Visit SkyBox for more information.