The Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel posts a look at taking the texture process a bit further in Cinema 4D by utilizing Vertx maps.

Using vertex maps inside of C4D materials can give you much more control over your texturing. Jordan’s look at vertex maps in C4D, is kind of a quick-start overview. Ben Watts create a much more in-depth look at using Vertex maps in C4D to add some realistic wear and tear to your textures.

Vertex maps are pretty versatile inC4D. The can be used for more than just texturing. A while back, C4D Artist Jamie Hamel-Smith showed how you can use vertex maps to control the influence of a deformer.

Taking the “influence” theme a bit further, Project 4D’s Ali showed how using  V-Maps on a model in Cinema 4D could control and emit fire for the Turbulence FD plugin.

If you find yourself using vertex maps quite a bit in C4D, The C4DZone makes a Vertex Map Animator plugin. The plugin can assist in animating vertex maps in C4D, which in the end be an extremely useful thing.