InLifeThrill Design’s Dobromir Dyankov has been pushing out some great resources for working with Octane render in Cinema 4D. His latest installment a valuable addition.

Dobromir shows all of the possible realtime geometry updates that Octane Render’s live viewer will respect in Cinema 4D. Some things are commonly understood, such as camera changes. Moving the camera in C4D can easily update the Octane render viewer to match with a flip of a switch.

Some topics Dobromir demonstrates are not so common. For instance, it is possible to have the Octane viewer update when a new material get painted in BodyPaint.

Dobromir has presented a handy little chart that shows which realtime geometry updates are possible with the octane viewer in Cinema 4D.

Adding up all of the Octane tutorials available on InLifeThrill’s site, there is almost a complete look into the inner workings of Octane Render for Cinema 4D.

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