Creating a Jellyfish Animation in C4D and Octane

Dennis Wei covers creating a jellyfish animation for scratch in C4D working with Octane for Rendering.

Jellyfish are mesmerizing to watch. It’s likely why there are more than a few tutorials out there that show how to create and animate these creatures. The latest addition to that lot is a tutorial from Dennis Wei who shows the entire pipeline from end to end in Cinema 4D, showing how to create a nice-looking jellyfish animation.

The tutorial covers everything from modeling to rigging, animation, lighting, materials and textures, rendering and compositing in After Effects. “We’ll use Octane Render to create some nice subsurface scattering / translucent looking materials and use After Effects to create some very organic looking animated textures,” Wei says of the tutorial.

Wei notes that some of the rigging techniques and other bits were inspired from Motion Designer Daniel Danielsson’s tutorial who also took a crack at making a jellyfish animation, and Wei’s tutorial shares a lot of those same techniques.