3 Ways to Work With Background Images in C4D Octane

Rhett Dashwood shows three ways to use a background image when working with Octane in Cinema 4D.

Octane is a popular renderer for Cinema 4D largely due to its ease of use versus the incredible renders that it produces. Some things are mystifying even to some intermediate users. For example, if you work with Cinema 4D and use Octane as a render engine, you may initially have some confusion as to how to add a background image to your scene. If this is you, then check out Creative Director Rhett Dashwood’s latest tutorial covers three different ways to add a background image.

Dashwood walks us through the three different ways that you can use. Rhett Dashwood is an award-winning Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital, animation, branding, print, film making and concept art.