Wish there was a tool that would help along the creation of animated infographics or charts? Me too, I mean everyone has to do them at some point.

Create beautiful animated infographic charts from a connected spreadsheet or directly entered data.

Motion designer, animator and software developer Cihan Balunak must have felt the same way when he created AEInfoGraphics.

This new After Effects script will allow you to create beautiful animated infographic charts from a connected spreadsheet or even from entered data in After Effects.

AEInfoGraphics can import csv files and allow you to edit the data before creating the chart or animated infographic. You can then choose form 5 different types of charts to build your animation from.

AEInfoGraphics automatically animates the chart for you and allows you to edit things like color, element size, etc. You can select from a Circular Chart, Slider Chart, Net Line Chart, a Line Bar Chart, or even a 3D Bar Chart.

One the chart is created you can easily modify colors, fonts, item positions etc. manually, to customize the animated infographic to your liking.

AEInfoGraphics will run you $49.99 at aescripts + aeplugins, but there is a special intro that is 20% off until Jun 10, 2015 where you can get the script for $39.99. Check out AEInfoGraphics for more information.