PrimGen for Maya, Generates Parametric Primitives Along a Curve or Points

Creative Case’s Janos Hunyadi posts another great looking tool for Maya. You may remember Janos’ last tool, the Shell Modifier for Maya, a modeling tool that will allow you to create extrusion profiles, similar to the 3ds Max tool.

Easily create ropes, branches, shoelaces, belts, low poly hair, and many more, just to name a few!

His new tool, PrimGen, is designed to easily generate primitives along a curve or even between two points. PrimGen makes it easy to parametrically create ropes, branches, shoelaces, belts, low polygon hair, or anything other modeling element that requires an extrusion along a curve.

PrimGen lets you edit the profile shape for the operation, and keeps everything live and parametric as you go. PrimGen will update automatically as you continue to draw or reshape the base curve.

PrimGen also takes care of the UVs for you. You can easily modify the UV settings from PrimGen’s panel. The plugin can even be used in conjunction with the Shell Modifier, making it even more powerful for modeling.

PrimGen Pricing

The PrimGen Plugin is available for Windows and OS X and runs on Maya 2015 and 2016.

You can pick up Maya PrimGen tool for $15.00 on GumRoad.