Chirality is a student short film created at the University of Hertfordshire. Chirality draws on classic RPG archetypes & game cinematics for its inspiration & visual style.

After long months of waiting team Chirality is pleased to announce the official on-line release of their short film. Thank you to everyone who supported us through all these months. We hope you enjoy

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Chirality was primarily rendered with Anrold with some FX elements being rendered in Mantra.

Other vital applications included: Zbrush, Mari, Maya, Houdini

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Matt Gifford: Team Leader – Texturing, Lighting, Shading, Compositing

Radu Ciubotariu: FX TD / Pipeline Lead – Destruction FX & Fluid Dynamics, Arnold / Mantra Integration,

Mack Knights: Animation Lead – Character and & Camera Animation, Story, Cinematography

Connor Sheehan: Art Direction, Character & Environment concept art, Visual Development, Asset Modelling

Matt Dicken: Character & Environment modelling, Retopology & UVing

Jack Stevens: Environment Concept Art, Matte Painting, Additional Asset Modelling, Additional Compositing

Darryl White: Character Animation

Owen Fern: Freelance Animator

Benji Aird: Rigging