Nitro4D has posted a new tool for C4D as part of the “Magic” freebie collection. MagicLaser, lets you create a laser beam in Cinema 4D easily, with a ton of controls.

MagicLaser Create Easy Laser Effect In Cinema4d With Alot Options

MagicLaser not only will make a laser beam and let you specify the length, color and target, but it will also let you define collision objects. These objects can either stop the laser beam, or alternatively you can have the laser beam bounce off of them.

You can easily set up the number of bounces in MagicLaser, and even choose to have the laser beam bounce on the inside or outside of an object.

As a practical example, Nitroman shows how to set up the MagicLaser plugin to create an effect where the laser animates to burn or cut  away at a shape in the scene.

MagicLaser is for C4D Versions, R12,R13 , R14 , R15 , R16. Check out the freebie, MagicLaser over at Nitro4D.