London based digital effects studio, Munk Studios have been posting some really useful “silent” tips for working with Cinema 4D. Here, they post a look at how to get get a group of tentacles moving using Dynamic IK in Cinema 4D.

use the standard particle effectors to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints.

A dynamic IK chain is a super simple way to add some secondary motion to a rig. In this case, the standard particle effectors are used to animate a dynamic IK chain of joints.

In creating the animated tentacles, the tutorial also uses SP turbulence, SP wind, Skin, Loft, xpresso, hierarchy iterator node, object index node, tag node to put it all together.

The hierarchy iterator is used here to apply the user data across a group of objects with the same tag using the tag node. Munk Studios notes that the iterators can be a bit tricky to grasp, but they are extremely powerful and can save a lot of time when creating rigs of any sort.