Procedurally Building Bioluminescent Jellyfish in Cinema 4D

Director and Motion Designer Daniel Danielsson walks through creating a project with animated jellyfish. The series covers modeling, rigging and animating jellyfish in Cinema 4D.

Daniel uses a procedural workflow for modeling and animation. This keeps the project flexible throughout the build process. The animation uses stacked deformers for organic motion. Spline animation takes care of moving the jellyfish across the scene. The tentacles for the creatures use the C4D hair module. Shading and texturing consists of blurry transparency and noise shaders.

There are some other techniques for creating tentacle like objects in C4D. Animation and VFX Artist Pryce Duncalf used dynamic IK chains in Cinema 4D. This included using IK, SP Turbulence, Skin and Loft, all coming together to animate tentacles.

Using the Hair System, EQUILOUD shows how you can create Tentacles in Cinema 4D which are also dynamic.