You Can Do It! VFX house has released a free trail version for their tool that will give you an unprecedented live connection between After Effects and 3ds Max. Nyx Voltron will basically allow you to keep a live link between Ae and 3Ds, communicating back and forth, letting the applications live update from each other.

Link anything between 3ds Max and AE with as little baking as possible.

With Nyx Voltron, you are able to link pretty much anything between 3ds and Ae. This will almost eliminate the need for baking. Team members Artur Leao, Daniel Santana and Jonathan de Blok have been developing the Nyx framework which sprouted into a distributed rendering plugin, and a tool that give you a direct live link between 3DS Max and After Effects.

The Nyx Framework is a basically a high-level communications system that can have application talk to each other asynchronously. This opens up interesting workflows and can create powerful pipeline tools.

As an example of the type of live link offered by Nyx Voltron, you can create a Bezier Controller from 3ds Max and link it to a property in After Effects. The keys and tangents both get transferred over and Nyx recreates the exact same non-baked curve in After Effects.

Nyx Voltron is being offered as a free trial until 31 of July. The commercial version hasn’t seen a release yet, but is expected to have a final price 99€ (No rental, no subscription, one time fee until next major version). Nyx Voltron needs Adobe Ae Cc 2014+ & 3Ds Max 2014+ to operate. Check out the page for Nyx Voltron for more information.