OpenSubDiv 3

Pixar and DreamWorks announce the release fore their open source high performance subdivision surface libraries, OpenSibDiv 3. The latest release is a major release with many significant improvements and changes which “takes a bold step forward with a near complete rewrite of the library, greatly improving performance and simplifying the API”.


The rewrite for OpenSubDiv greatly simplifies the GPU shader architecture, and advances the screen-space adaptive tessellation making it easier to add to any existing rendering architectures. This will be a huge improvement for digital content creators and game engines.

OpenSibDiv 3 Features:

  • Faster subdivision using less memory
  • Support for non-manifold topology
  • Face-Varying data specified topologically
  • Elimination of fixed valence tables
  • Single-crease patch for semi-sharp edges
  • Additional irregular patch approximations
  • Introduction of Stencil Tables
  • Faster, simpler GPU kernels
  • Unified adaptive shaders
  • Updated coding style with namespaces
  • More documentation and tutorials

To learn more about OpenSubDiv 3, check out the documentation for OpenSubDiv 3 here.