Digidim, the creators of The SLiB Browser are planning a new release for a vol. 1 of architectural floor materials and shaders. SLiB is handy materials browser plugin that offers an easy way to use the company’s SLiB Architectural Shaders along side your own shader library.

SLiB | FloorGen – a Maya Plugin that makes creating floors a breeze!

What is interesting about the impending release of the SLiB Floor Vol. 1 material shaders, is that it comes with a floor generator tool for Maya. Typically you would find great tools like this for 3ds Max, where the bulk of architectural rendering work gets done.

Easily Create Floors

The floor generator for Maya will come bundled with the SLiB Floor Vol. 1 material shaders and will allow you to generate floors, floor materials, and their respective UV’s easily. It is great to see some architectural rendering tools come to Autodesk Maya, such as this – so hats off to DGDM’s Daniel Macha.

The SLiB Floor Generator tool for Maya looks like it can bake out instanced geometry for the floors that can be initially set up by using an interactive guide. Once the geometry is created, you have control over the orientation of each tile, setting the grout size, and rotational pitch for them. The tool can also take care of the UV’s for the floor, allowing you to even randomize UV’s at the click of a button.

The SLiB Browser plugin for Maya can be downloaded and used for free. Visit DGDM for more information on the SLiB Browser or the SLiB Architectural Shaders.