DGDM has released a new version of their shader and asset browser /  manager for Autodesk Maya. SLiB Browser Pro has been completely rewritten from the ground up to provide more flexibility.

a Maya Plugin that provides an easy way to use SLiB Shaders or to build up own Shader, Asset libraries.

The original SLiB Browser is still available for free, and offers a great way to create and manage shader libraries for various render engines in Maya.

SLiB Browser Pro, differs in that you are able to also use it to brows assets. Now you can build up and keep a shader and asset library and have everything at your finger tips.

SLiB Browser Pro also adds the ability to export shaders or assets making it easier to share or move libraries or individual items to other computers or between other Maya projects.


SLIB browser Pro


SLiB Browser Pro Features:

  • quickly generate preview images by either rendering (shaders) or taking a scene snapshot (assets)
  • SNR – embedded Shading Network Renamer for clean and organized Shading Networks
    (all native maya nodes supported + most used vray, redshift, mental ray and arnold nodes)
    easy shader / asset rename function
  • duplicate shaders / assets
  • export with Textures (and set relative paths) – great for sharing libraries
  • export Objects and use SLiB Browser PRO as an Asset Manager

Check out the page for SLiB Browser Pro for Maya over at DGDM. SLiB Browser Pro can be purchased for $20.00, and runs under Maya 2013 to 2016, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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  1. Daniel Macha

    SLiB | BROWSER PRO Update!

    You can now download the free SLiB | BROWSER PRO Update.
    Beside some GUI improvements i implemented a nice little tool you will love. It’s called IPT (Interactive Placement Tool)

    check the Video: https://vimeo.com/143407327

    have a nice weekend


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