DGDM Releases Refractive Materials Library for Redshift 2

Refractive Materials Library for Redshift 2

DGDM, creators of the SLiB Browser and a host of other great tools for Autodesk Maya, have released a new material library for Redshift 3D Users. SLiB Refractive Vol. 1 represents 129 refractive materials for Maya Redshift.

SLiB | Refractive Vol.1 consists of 129 refractive materials Glass, Liquids, Panes…

The library is compatible with SLiB Browser, and the materials within are all created with Redshift 3D 2.

The shaders rely heavily on real world materials, bringing a physical material library to 3D artists. Intended for architectural 3D work, or 3D design, the Refractive Materials library offers customizable shaders, seamless textures and free updates.

SLiB REFRACTIVE Vol. I material pack is compatible with Maya 2013 – 2016 Windows, OSX, Linux and Redshift 3D V.2.0.00 and Newer.