A Guide for Object TurnTable Scanning with PhotoScan

Classy Dog Film’s James Candy presents a great guide for turntable scanning objects that will be made into 3D using Agisoft PhotoScan. James covers a lot of tips and best practices for scanning objects with PhotoScan.

a PhotoScan guide focuses on scanning objects with a turntable!

Although the premise is pretty straight forward, James shows how image resolution comes into play, and offers tips for lighting objects used on the turntable for scanning. There are a few practical examples, starting out with scanning a rock on the turntable, and moving to more complex objects, such as little statuettes.

James notes that he uses Agisoft PhotoScan in this tutorial, but the principals will apply to many other photogrammetry software packages.

James has also posted a comprehensive guide for scanning environments for visual effects, where he covers some best practices that he has developed through his own experiences.

If you are unfamiliar with Agisoft PhotoScan, you can check out the getting started tutorial, which covers the basics.