Understanding Micro Roughness in Thea Render

EliteSoft Europe posts a look at using the Micro Roughness feature in Thea Render Studio. Added in Thea Render 1.3, the Micro Roughness is a phenomenon that increases the apparent reflection sharpness, as the viewing angle goes from normal to shallow.

A Micro Roughness setting is one that is unique to only a few renderers. Thea’s Micro Roughness setting allows you to have a material that can have blurry, soft focus reflections and sharp ones as well. The reflection sharpness will be dependent on the viewing angle, or the angle of the camera.

Solid Iris Technologies’ Thea Render offers physical rendering in both unbiased and biased, and operates using the computers CPU or GPU. Recently Thea render 1.5 was released with features such as a new Fresnel Ramp Procedural, a Substance Material Converter and colored coating absorption which can see color shifting at shallow glancing angles.

Thea Render can be used with pretty much any application and offers live plugins for 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Fusion 360, Rhino, and SketchUp.