A Delta Mush Deformer for Cinema 4D

cinema 4d delta mush deformer

If you do any type of rigging, you will already be familiar with the Delta Mush Deformer. Originally proposed by Rhythm & Hues Studio’s Joe Mancewicz, the delta mush deformer allows for smoothing of deformations while sill tying to preserve the details in the model.

This deformer act like a smooth deformer while it preserves details.

Over the last little while, the delta mush deformer and its functionality have been incorporated into a host of content creation applications such as Maya and Blender, as examples. It is certainly a valuable tool for character rigging and managing weighted deformations.

Recently, Manuel Magalhaes,or as he is known, @valkaari, posts a sneak look into a new deformer he has been working on for Cinema 4D. He has been creating a plugin that will allow you to use the delta mush right in Cinema 4D.


The delta mush takes on the form of a regular deformer in Cinema 4d and a tag that expands its versatility. If you have any interest in a delta mush deformer for Cinema 4D, valkaari is currently looking for beta-testers. Specifically, people that are familiar with cinema4D and character rigging.



If you are using a licence server or a student version you are more than welcome. The plugin currently runs under C4D R15 and R16, Windows and Os X.

Check out the Delta Mush Deformer for Cinema 4D for more information and fill out the contact form to be a part of the beta.