CyBear posts a look at his 10 rules or 10 tips that will lead to a printable 3D object from Cinema 4D. As noted in the video, 3D applications that are solid modelers are much better suited for 3D printing work. That doesn’t rule out the possibilities of using polygonal systems, such as an application like Cinema 4D.

there are many pitfalls when modeling in a non-solid modeler like Cinema 4D

When using polygons in general, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when creating a printable 3D object. These rules are not just true for Cinema 4D, but can be applied to any polygon modeler that you happen to be using.

The 10 (9, really) rules for creating a viable printable 3D object are:

  • always work in the correct scale
  • always work above the ground plane
  • only use polygonal objects
  • only use triangulated polygons
  • make sure your normals are facing in one direction
  • make sure your object is water-tight
  • optimize your mesh
  • check for overhangs that are too thick or too thin
  • ensure there are no intersections between polygons or objets
  • make sure you have fun.