Hard Mesh Brings Amazing, Next Level Boolean & Modeling Operations to Maya

The Swiss based company PUX, are planning on launching Hard Mesh – A tool for Autodesk Maya that will bring modeling with boolean type of operations to the next level.

freely edit your meshes cut and blending in a procedural way.

Maya has made great strides in boolean modeling functions over the last little while, by adding the Carve Engine for booleans that are actually useful and usable in most cases. This replaced the antiquated Maya boolean tools, that were very much something that should have been deprecated years ago.

Although Autodesk has made some great advancements into booleans, with the rush of tools like Modo’s MeshFusion, Groboto’s (and others) Solid boolean operations, and Meta Mesh for Lightwave, are Maya’s new boolean tools enough?

PUX’s CEO, Claudio Perucca and team didn’t think so, and Hard Mesh was born.

Hard Mesh for Maya

Hard Mesh is meant to ease polygonal modeling operations, comprised of simplified and intuitive interface and custom nodes that will surely make modeling much more fluid and interactive.

The Hard Mesh plugin for Maya is based on PUX’s Hard Surface Poly Tools, and is really poised to change the way that you will create hard surface models in Maya.

Hard Mesh’s custom nodes are integrated into Maya, and work together with the standard Maya nodes, allowing you to be free to cut and edit your meshes, including blending operations in a really procedural way that hasn’t been possible in Maya.

No word on the Maya Hard Mesh plugin release has been posted, but I am sure the example video will be cause for excitement. [via Marius Eder]