Peregrine Labs Yeti 2.0


Peregrine Labs has released Yeti 2.0, their node based tool for creating instanced feathers, fur, or hair within Autodesk Maya. Yeti 2.0 brings full support for Maya’s Viewport 2.0 and even tighter integration with Maya’s interface. This marks the first major release for Yeti, in three years.

numerous new features, optimizations and bug fixes marks the first major release in three years.

Yeti 2.0 was developed closely with Peregrine Labs’ customer base to offer a modern and reliable solution for creating limitless fur, hair, feather and other procedural effects while maintaining the flexibility of previous versions.


Yeti 2.0 takes advantage modern hardware setups, tasking multiple core machines better, improving on feedback and performance when working on larger grooming tasks. This coupled with a tighter integration with Maya’s UI via the new Yeti Graph Panel leads to an improved user experience.

Peregrine Labs have also had a look at licensing and restructured it to be more affordable for batch rendering and caching options. Distributed dynamics simulation and baking can now all be done without using a full interactive license. This isdue to Yeti 2.0’s refactored dynamics solver.

Yeti 2.0 also boasts a number of other features, that include an updated brush dynamics system, some new sculpting tools, additional graph nodes and more.

Yeti 2.0 also sees a price drop at $699 CAD – this includes 5 render licenses, with additional lots of 5 render licenses for $399 CAD. If you have a Yeti license that was purchased after May 1st 2015 Yeti 2.0 will be a free upgrade. Standard upgrades are $299 CAD (which includes 20 render licenses).

Visit Peregrine Labs for more information on Yeti 2.0.