Introduction to Yeti, Building Your First Graph

So this is exciting — Groom Artists Francesco Di Luisi and Sofia Oliveira are starting a new tutorial series that will help you get started creating hair and fur grooms using Yeti.

Sofia and Francesco are Antepost, specializing in hair fur and grooming in character development. Some of their work is absolutely stunning, so if you haven’t seen any of it yet, I highly recommend it. Sofia and Francesco use Peregrine Lab’s Yeti. If you are not familiar with the plugin, it’s likely because the software is not sold in the USA due to a patent block.

Yeti is a node based toolset for creating hair, fur, feathers and general instancing within Autodesk Maya. Working with nodes, the fur and hair tool offers a completely procedural workflow. Users have the ability to create, change animate and render using a custom procedural graph.

Watch both Di Luisi and Oliveira walk through an introduction into using Yeti, getting you started creating your very first node graph. The pair has made the resources available for the first lesson. You can download the Troll Head used in the tutorial, the textures used for the groom density, and the groom cache. Great stuff in the tutorial, with more to come.