Creating and Animating a Rubik’s Cube With Houdini

Modeling a Rubik’s Cube is pretty simple. Rigging the Asset is a little bit more challenging. I think one of the first things that the technical arts students do is to rig a Rubik’s Cube.

how to set up the network to make the cube work.

This is a great exercise, in getting the complex multi-axis rotations to work right in an animator’s hands.

Here, Eosacro shows how to leverage the procedural power of Side FX Houdini to model, surface, rig, and animate a Rubik’s Cube.

The three part series looks at setting up the network that will make the cube work in animation. It also looks at modeling the details, adding color using Houdini’s attribute transfer nodes. Finally custom shaders will finalize the scene, ready for rendering.