If you are a prolific After Effects coder, Michel Pensas’ tool for converting a file type into a binary text string may just be the thing you need.

 embed files into the script code to avoid external resources.

The New File to Binary converter, does just that. You can convert any type of file into a binary test string. This is a really useful tool for developers. Now you can embed files directly into your After Effects script code to avoid the hassle of using external resources.

The File to Binary converter will retrieve a binary text string version of any file, without converting it to Hex or Base64. It will even let you to convert one or more files at once, allowing you to set a custom export.

The time needed for conversion will largely depend on the type of file being converted.


File to Binary converter options include :

  • File(s) to convert : Select the file(s) to be converted. You can select several files.
  • Select All : Select all the pages of Result(s).
  • Erase : Erase the selection in Page(s).
  • Page(s) : Page Range. Indicates what has to be exported. By default all the pages are selected so you can just click on the export button after converting the files. Leave blank to export the current page. Enter 2-5 or 5-2 to export pages 2 to 5. You can specify 1,3,12 to export pages 1,3 and 12. Enter -12 to export pages 1 to 12. You can indicate 2-5,10,14,22 to export pages 2 to 5 and pages 10,14 and 22.
  • Folder : Select a destination folder for the converted file(s).
  • Export : Export converted file(s) selected in Page(s). With Page(s) blank, only the current page will be exported.
  • Result(s) : Displays the binary text string for all the converted files. You can navigate between pages, forward, backward, go to the first or to the last page. You can remove all the pages or remove only the current page. For each converted file, the name and size in bytes are displayed.
  • About : Displays information about the tool.
  • Close : Closes the window.

Check out the File to Binary Converter for After Effects, over at aescripts + aeplugins, where you can pick it up for $19.99 (20% off) until Sept 30, 2015.