Mass Edit V-Ray Samples in Max With V-Ray Sample Lister

V-Ray Sample Lister

There are two schools of thought for managing samples. You can either mange them globally, or through some of the components in the scene. If you choose the latter, and you work in 3ds Max, then the V-Ray Sample Lister will be something you need.

Tool for adjusting vray related samples on materials, lights, objects, and texture maps in a single location.

John Martini posts a V-Ray tool for 3ds Max that allows you to bulk-edit V-Ray samples all in one place. The VRay Sample Lister offers a panel where you can set V-Ray related samples on materials, lights, objects, and textures.

The panel will show all of the properties for VRay samples, including vray dirt, reflections, refractions, samples, subdivs, atmospheric settings, and SSS.

V-Ray Sample Lister would be a great tool to have in other host applications using V-Ray, such as Maya and Cinema 4d.

You can download the JokerMartini’s V-Ray Sample Lister here.