NitroVertex Ambient Occlusion to Vertex Map Mode

Nitro4D has been previewing his upcoming plugin for Cinema 4D, NitroVertex. NitroVertex will allow you to paint, use effectors or bake vertex maps easily. If you haven’t seen what it is all about, check out a previous post which shows the plugin in use with some practical examples for how the plugin can assist in various workflows.

The latest feature added to NitroVertex, is the ability to create Ambient Occlusion and bake it into an object’s vertex map, with a click of a single button.

This Ambient Occlusion Vertex Map, can then be adjusted through the plugin’s settings. An AO Vertex Map like this, can be extraordinarily helpful when texturing objects in Cinema 4D — Allowing you to mix and show shaders through the map.

There is no word on when the NitroVertex plugin will be released, but keep your eye on Nitro4D to learn more.