mayaToAppleseed Gains New HyperShade Integration

Haggi Krey shows off the latest feature of the mayaToAppleseed plugin. The plugin allows you to use the open sourced production renderer directly within Autodesk Maya.

the implementation of the new Maya2016 hypershade material editor in mayaToAppleseed

New to mayaToAppleseed is integration with Maya’s HyperShade editor. You can select the AppleSeed renderer in Maya 2016’s Material Viewer in the latest HyperShade redesign. Certainly there are other renderers that do this, Mental Ray and V-Ray can both be used for look-dev in the Maya HyperShade Material Viewer.

Maggi also shows of some Maya to OSL nodes for AppleSeed-like Ramp, Checker and File nodes, with Color balance. Check out the latest for mayaToAppleseed for more information.


AppleSeed risen out of inception back in 2009. Since then it has become a really capable production rendering toolset. AppleSeed was built to be a modern and open source physically based rendering engine for images, animation and visual effects work.

AppleSeed offers users with an efficient and reliable suite of tools built on robust foundations and open technologies. Check out AppleSeed HQ for more information on the AppleSeed Open Source Production Renderer.


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  1. Jim Newton

    Just wondering if this plug in will work with earlier versions of Maya, maya 2015 specifically?

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