OtherCubed’s  Tom Stockley has posted a free-to-download animation preset for After Effects. The OC Eyes Preset will let you easily create eyes for your character’s animation in Ae.

OC Eyes is a simple animation preset that allows you to create eyes for your animation with ease!

The preset offers up quite a bit of controls, allowing you to animate all the important aspects for character eyes. Easily animate frowns, winks, eye shapes tons more.

Every change you make, updates alongside the rig so you can easily see what you are keying and how your animation is going.


The OC Eyes Preset will let you animate eyes by simply selecting a layer for it to look at — you can even easily build eye-blinks just by placing a marker at any point where you want the eye blink.



Check out and download OtherCubed’s After Effects Eyes Preset here.