Sneak Look at ShellMod 2 for Maya

The Shell Modifier in 3ds Max is a useful tool that can make modeling workflows much easier. Especially for hard surface modeling. So is it any wonder why you would want something similar in Maya and other Content Creation Applications?

Some of the new features coming in the 2.0 version release.

Creative Case’s Janos Hunyadi thought so, and created the ShellMod for Autodesk Maya. A tool that will let you solidify 3D surfaces and offer some control over how the edges will look, using editable profiles.

Recently, Janos Hunyadi posted a sneak look at what will be a new release for Maya’s ShellMod tool. ShellMod 2.0 will allow you to interactively change topology showing instant feedback in the viewport. It will also give you the option to create topology only at the profile’s breaking points, cutting down the edges on the mesh considerably.

ShellMod 2 will have support for multiple objects, which should really speed things up. There are also new profile presets, that will let you instantly cycle through different topologies for the 3D shape. ShellMod 2 will ship with 20 built in presets, but you will be able to load, save and name your custom presets on the fly.

Also in store for ShellMod 2 are multithreading support, new shelf buttons, a simpler instal routine, and a new quick way to delete ShellMod from the current object.

ShellMod 2 will be available soon, and available on Gumroad.