I know what you are thinking. “Another After Effects tool for setting eases?”. There are really quite a few out there that will allow you to set eases in After Effects for your animations. From KeySmith to Motion, to Ease and Wizz, there is really no shortage of scripts, add ons and tools for setting animation eases.

Set eases to your ae animation with a click

Soon, we will be able to add another to that list. AE Sweets, the company that brought you other animation tools such as Lines Creator, and Sweet, will be launching a new tool, Easy Keyframe Assistant. As the name suggests, Easy will allow you to set eases for animations with a tiny, well designed panel.

What is interesting is that the panel can take on a few different forms. You can run Easy in a normal mode, which actually shows the ease that you will apply in an easy to read graph.

You can also run Easy in a more compact button mode that is less intrusive, but just as fast to use. Easy will be released soon, and of you want to be notified, head on over to AE Sweets for more information.