Eases are really the key to crafting animation. Setting how your elements start and stop can give so much more life to animation, giving it more weight, and purpose. But how do you really get those super-smooth eases going in after Effects?

 two easy tricks to put your keyframes at ease

The graph editor is a simple concept to grasp, but there are a couple of quick things that you can do to get really great eases for your animation curves in Ae.

Here, Mt. Mograph’s Matt Jylkka covers his two go-to techniques for getting the “eases” that you are looking for. Both involve adding an extra keyframe which will offer much more control over the segment of the curves that you re trying to create an ease for.

Matt will typically start by blocking in the animation with the base keyframes, and then adding an extra one, either in the middle, between two keys, or at the ends. This will allow you to really get a much better control over the Eases, while not making a mess of the curves that are already in the graph editor.

Keep in mind, that the more keyframes you place, the more you are responsible for, and the more that you have to edit. It is always a good idea to keep things simple, especially when there may be a slew of revisions ahead of you.