Most people starting out might find it difficult to smooth out motion or smooth out keyframes in After Effects. It is actually a much simpler process, once you understand what is going on. Choosing an Ease for the start and ending keyframes is really a must, and affecting those eases adds some more polish. But what about those keys in the middle?

smooth key frames for a more organic and natural motion to anything you animate

The key is to get in there with the graph editor for making edits to keyframes, which in After Effects, can be your best friend, while also being the friend that you hate. Graph editors pose a minor stumbling block when first learning animation, and then there is the After Effects graph editor, which has its own quirks to overcome.

Again, once you understand what is going on, you can make simple and easy decisions that can make your animations look more professional.  Here, Motion Array posts a look at a simple and easy method for treating the “middle” keyframes by using the graph editor in Ae, and making one quick change to the speed graph.