Understanding Material Properties in HitFilm’s 3D Environment

HitFilm is a pretty impressive piece of software. What makes it so, is that HitFilm has everything that you would need to do work, right out of the box.

the various Material properties of planes, 3D effects and 3D models.

HitFilm also touts a true 3D environment that is unified and integrated with all of its tools. Axel Wilkinson offers a look into the various materials and settings that are possible with HitFilm’s 3D environment, covering particles, billboards, and material properties for 3D models.

There is also a bit showing adding image maps to the 3D models, right in a layer compositor – a revelation. HitFilm Express can be downloaded for free and there is also a demo version available for HitFilm 3 Pro – Which by the way comes with all the plugins working in After Effects.