Compositing Actors Into a 3D Set With HitFilm

The latest version of HitFilm offered some great new 3D features. Even though HitFilm has had a unified 3D environment for a while, the new additions are a welcome change. One great thing is that HitFilm 4 Pro added the ability to recognize and use Alembic files from any 3D application. This means that not only can you bring in complex models into the application easily, but the alembic format also can bring in the animation associated with the meshes.

HitFilm 4 Pro’s professional keying and unified 3D workspace makes the process fast and intuitive.

Add to that the new Global Ambient Occlusion, new rendering system, and a completely overhaul lighting system, and you have a really great solution for creating mixed compositions with 2D elements and 3D elements together. Something that is a serious shortfall in After Effects.

Simon Jones shows how easy adding a 2D element to a 3D scene can be with HFP4. In fact, this tutorial walks through using the keyer to capture the actor, but not the background, and use that actor in a 3D scene — adding him to the open doors of a helicopter 3D model.