So the picture you see above is from IBC, it’s a 3D model brought into an affordable layer-based compositor with textures in a true 3D environment that IS NOT a 3rd Party Plugin (all in the main window), and it is all housed in a very familiar easy to use interface. It’s not After Effects. HitFilm gets it right? Perhaps.

After a little over a year ago FX Home, creators of EffectsLab Pro and CompositeLab Pro, released a new layer based compositor that boasted a true 3D environment, a modern particle engine and a shockingly low price in its flagship HitFilm 1.0 compositor.

Now FXHome has announced that HitFilm 2 Ultimate is currently in development and will see a release later this year, boasting that it will be a massive leap forward in every area including editing, visual effects and compositing.

This isn’t about us slapping the number ‘2’ on a couple of minor new features. We’re talking a massive leap forward for HitFilm in every area: editing, compositing and VFX. There’s revolutionary stuff coming your way

One of the most notable features in HitFilm 2 has been revealed as the ability to import textured 3D models directly, something that After Effects has been lacking in its out-of-the-box state even to this day.

I was not able to find out as to the types of 3D formats that can be brought into HitFilm at the time of writing, but, you are able to animate the 3D models right in the application and even light and render the whole deal without needing to purchase anything else… thats right, no third party plugins are required.

Another huge and notable bit of news is that HitFilm will be seeing a version of Mocha for tracking tasks. HitFilm 2 will come with a custom built mocha for HitFilm at no extra cost.

HitFilm comes in three varieties depending on your needs, HitFilm Standard edition, HitFilm Ultimate, and HitFilm Studio which provides some bundled 3rd party software all priced at $149, $399, and $574 respectively and HitFilm is only available on the Windows platform at the moment.

Some of the new announced features of HitFilm 2 include:

3D model rendering
That’s right, you can import textured, 3D models into HitFilm 2 Ultimate which can then be animated and lit in 3D. All of HitFilm’s powerful compositing tools can be used without needing to pre-render the 3D model. No third party plug-ins required.

Introducing mocha HitFilm
We’ve been working with Imagineer Systems to bring their technology to HitFilm users. Every copy of HitFilm 2 Ultimate will come with the custom-built mocha HitFilm for high quality 3D camera solving. No extra cost. No need to buy third party software.

Vegas™ Pro 12 integration
If you’re a Vegas user, you’re going to love HitFilm 2 Ultimate. With Vegas™ Pro 12 from Sony you will be able to directly import HitFilm projects to your timeline and use them like any other media file.

Major new effects
It wouldn’t be HitFilm without some stunning visual effects. HitFilm 2 Ultimate has many new effects, some of which we’ve been teasing in blog images and on Facebook. Plus you might have seen one of them in action in Atomic’s last parody short. For now, though, we’ll be keeping these mostly under wraps.