Mosketch, Pose & Animate Characters By Sketching Strokes

Moka Studio has been showing off their latest efforts in a new application that will allow you to sketch out poses for 3D characters when creating animation. Mosketch (nothing to do with C4D) combines sketching techniques with a generic and flexible IK solver.

mosketch combines advanced sketching techniques with a generic and flexible inverse kinematics solver

This will allow artists to easily create 3D character animation and poses with the stroke of a pen, rather than movie controls around individually.

The more complex a character is in 3D, the more clicks and effort it takes just to pose it. There are things in animation that are simply taken for granted today, such as managing FK and IK switching. Mosketch looks to be a method that might be set to change all that.

What if yo could just draw what you wanted the pose to look like instead of dragging around countless individual controls?

Mosketch supports the FBX file format along side its MOSK native files, and will allow you to pose any skeleton by sketching. The application was built to let artists pose and animate any type of character skeleton without any type of setup. You can edit the character’s pose simply by drawing and sketching strokes.

Mosketch is currently in private beta, and not much is known about it at this point. There are some pretty interesting posts over at Moka Studio, and you can sign up to be notified about updates regarding Mosketch.

Mosketch features so far include:

  • FBX Files
  • MOSK native files


  • Stroke selection
  • Rectangle selection


  • Pose any skeleton with sketching
  • Follow trajectory sketching mode
  • Follow shape sketching mode

Inverse Kinematics

  • Pose any type of skeleton
  • No character setup
  • Control any number of joints
  • Fast GPU-based IK
  • Position effectors
  • Orientation effectors
  • Edit IK chains while posing


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