20% off Vray for Maya Training from MAXDEPTH

VFX Supervisor Timothy Hansen is offering a 20% discount to his Vray 3.1 for Maya advanced production techniques course, which covers over 5 hours with the popular rendering engine in Maya.

Get 20% off Vray 3.1 for Maya: Advanced Production Workflow and Techniques at the time of purchase by using the discount code LB20.

Vray 3.1 for Maya puts the renderer pretty much parallel with it’s 3ds Max counterpart, adding some great new features that affect how you work with V-Ray in a production environment.


Vray advanced production techniques


Recently Timothy has not only worked on the opening sequence to the last Avengers film, he also offered a break-down as to how it was done. Timothy showed how to recreate the energy from Loki’s scepter using the Krakatoa renderer and Maya nParticles.