There are many, many ways to track something when you are using After Effects. Ae has its own point tracker and 3D tracking toolsets, along side its fairly new mask tracker, which, for all intents and purposes is a form of planar tracking.

Experience the ease of camera tracking and digital content integration.

After Effects also comes with Mocha, that will allow you to easily track your shots and create inserts or use that track data for the opposite of inserts, removals. A new player is now joining the arena for tracking, inserts, replacements and removals, bringing forward a more integrated approach.

FayIN from Fayteq technologies incorporates their innovative planar and 2d-3d tracking system right in After Effects. The plugin will allow you to track the shot and add an insert, all without leaving After Effects.

FayIN works by guiding you through the process with a simple panel that asks you to input a few settings. Simply tell it the length of the shot you want tracked and if it is a static or moving object, and place either a rectangular mask, or bezier free-form mask on the area of the shot you want to affect.

FayIN takes care of the rest. It is a really simple system, right within After Effects to add graphics to screens, monitors, billboards, or the side of a truck.

The system is built around Fayteq’s tracking technology, which is also used for another plugin, FayOUT, that will allow you to auto-magically remove items from any shot.

FayIN is fairly new and only works with Adobe After Effects CC 2014,with cc 2015 in the works. The plugin is also only for Windows systems currently.

FayIN Plugin for After Effects offers:

  • an innovative planar and 2D / 3D tracker for object and camera tracking
  • an intuitive selection of the tracking area with a rectangle or mask tool
  • full automatic detection of the best setting for camera data and profile or track position
  • no keyframing necessary
  • track report with hints to optimize the track
  • corner pin correction for a perfect adjustment of grid or plane

Check out Fayteq for or more information of FayIN for After Effects, and the other plugins that are based on the same technology.