Take Better Control Over Layer Labels With Prism for After Effects

Andrew Embury and Zack Lovatt join forces to bring a new and ultimately useful script for After Effects, Prism. The script will allow you to quickly and easily alter the color of your layer labels in After Effects based on your criteria.

Prism is a tool that grants you greater control over your layer labels, leaving your projects much easier to work with and keep sane.

Anyone who has had more than 20 layers in After Effects knows that Ae lets you change your layer colors, so you can better organize your timeline and easily see what is going on at a glance. Thing is, it’s not that easy to alter the color of a ton of layers, other than selecting and then changing them in bulk. Typically what ends up happening is that you change your layer colors, and then just leave it and go about your business.

What if you could change your layer colors as easy as opening the after effects application? That would allow you to not only  organize your file well, but also change it depending on the workflow and tasks that was before you.

This is where Prism for After Effects can really help. Using Prism, you can easily change layer colors with the click of a button. Prism allows you to color each layer, or color by parent chain, or assign the same layer color to all the elements in the same chain. You can even color layers based on what they are… what a better way to start a project.

The Prism Script can be run as a really tiny dock-able panel or in “headless” mode, if you are using something like quick menu or ft-toolbar.

With Prism for After Effects, you can

  • Color Each Layer, with a different label color. When you’ve run out of labels, it repeats them!
  • Color by Parent Chain which assigns the same color to all layers in the same chain.
  • Color by Layer Type, which will assign the same color to all layers of the same type.
  • Color by Prefix to assign the same label to all colors that share a prefix. You can set the delimiter in the options.

Prism for After Effects can be found on aescripts + aeplugins with a special introductory price, only until November 16, 2015. Visit the page for the Prism Script to Easily Color After Effects layers for more information.